Ready to Launch

In the morning yesterday we finished up the pre-launch projects on Lanikai.  Bill got the new seacock installed and then installed the repaired salt water pump onto the engine.  Doreen got many of the tools and extra parts and bits stowed.  Lanikai is ready for the water and Bill stopped by the office and scheduled our launch for high tide on Saturday.

In the afternoon we made another trip into town.  We stopped for ice-cream and the servings were huge so we ended up eating way too much.  But it sure was good!  Returning we had bags full of cookies, crackers and chips for our continuing trip north.  We actually do not have too many groceries to pick up as we stocked up well at the stores in Golfito.


A cruise ship was at the pier while we were in town yesterday and the vendors had set up there stands along the waterfront.