Out of Puntarenas

We left the estuary this morning, untying from the buoys of the Costa Rica Yacht Club at 10:30 in the morning, about 45 minutes before the high tide.  It was still quite shallow in the marina area, but once we got into the channel we had plenty of water under our keel (well, at least a few feet!)  We had to stay diligent to stay within the channel as the water was not very deep outside of it.

It was just after high tide when we rounded the point at the end of the Puntarenas sand spit an hour later, so we had the outgoing current with us as we headed to the Islas Tortugas, our goal for the day.  It was a nice motor-boat ride — except the raw water pump started leaking oil again and Bill kept having to add oil to the engine.  He tightened the pump once and the oil stopped flowing, but the fix did not last.  I guess that we will be anchored at the Tortugas until we can get the problem solved, but the solution will have to wait for the morning and a cooler engine.