On to Bahia Ballena

This morning we were up early as usual, so we got an early start to Bahia Ballena.  After breakfast Bill ran the engine for 30 minutes and detected no problems with the several patches on the engine’s gear cover and no oil leaks at the salt water pump !!  We pulled the anchor and got underway before 7:30AM.  It was a motorboat ride the entire way with only a very light tail wind.   The anchor was down and set in the bay soon after 10AM and so-far-so-good with all the repairs.

Bill and I spent the rest of the morning and into the afternoon onboard: reading and using our computers, even connecting to the internet thru a local WiFi net.  Mid-afternoon we went ashore, landing the dinghy on the beach below the Tambor resort and restaurant, where we enjoyed a very nice dinner with several beers.


Just before dark we returned the dinghy to the water; the breakers on the shore were quite a bit larger than on our landing and worst of all, very close together.  We did get the dinghy off the beach and past the breakers, but not without getting ourselves very wet when we took two breakers over the bow.