More Problems Fixed

The last two days have been busy for us on the boat.  Tuesday I got the two jibs hanked on and cleaned the foredeck.  Actually I have cleaned it almost every morning since we have been back into the water, but the dew each morning seems to bring more dirt down the rigging.  Bill made three runs to the fuel dock and our tanks are again topped off with diesel and the dinghy gas jugs are full too.

Yesterday I got busy early and washed our bed sheets so that they had lots of sunny time to dry.  Then I  serviced the three two-speed winches on Lanikai.  The one-speed winches on the masts will wait until they are all not being used; right now the  dinghy is hanging off the side of Lanikai occupying one.  Late in the afternoon Bill started the engine to check up on various possible leaks.  He discovered a leak on one of the fittings to the (newly repaired) salt-water engine pump and when he tried to tighten it we got a big oil leak where the pump is attached to the engine.   This morning he removed the pump and the leaky fittings, then replaced the fittings using lots of Teflon tape, then reinstalled the pump with new gaskets (and lots of sealing goo)  after cleaning the seat on the engine.  We ran the engine and all seems well now, well maybe there is still a bit of a saltwater drip.


It is a tight squeeze, but Bill can still get into the engine room to work on the engine, which is under him in this photo.

Lanikai is now ready to go but we have not gotten the paperwork started for leaving Costa Rica, as the projects have taken longer than we had hoped.  Looks like we will be heading out in a week with a mid-day high tide after we do the paperwork on Monday and Tuesday.  Bill will enjoy having the extra time on the internet as he has just about finished an other major improvement to FotoScrap Album and wants to get it up on our blog before we leave.