More and more oil leaks

Bill seemed to have solved the pump oil leak problem with some lock washers to hold the pump tighter to the engine block, but has since discovered several oil weeps from the engine cover itself.  Seems that all the salt water leaking out of the pump over the last many months all ran down the engine cover and caused it to rust and rot, with several pin-hole sized holes being formed.  We got out the JB Weld and, after cleaning the area and sanding it well, patched it up.  Only to discover more leaks further down on the front cover, and even some rotten metal on the oil pan.  Those have now been JB Welded as well.

We need to wait for the patches to set up before we run the engine again and can really see if the water pump is no longer leaking oil when the engine heats up.

Bill also spent some time yesterday removing the old packing flax from the rudder post stuffing box, filing down some burrs on the threads so the packing nut will actually tighten, and then installing three new rings of packing.  The rudder post is no longer dripping – better than its been in years!!