Monday and Another Week Starts

Today we got to work on getting Lanikai ready again to head offshore.  I spent much time cleaning while Bill stayed out of the way typing on his computer.  After lunch (and we ate on the boat today!)  Bill got me two bags of water so that I can continue the cleaning tomorrow.  Today it was the cockpit that got cleaned.  The cushion covers were quite impregnated with dust and grime, and I managed to get all four of them cleaned and dried before we headed into shore in the early afternoon.  In the city today, we made a grocery run, another bank run and a last stop at the pharmacy.  We did find time to stop at the ice cream restaurant that we have found along the waterfront.  Bill enjoyed a nice big Sundae and I enjoyed a small one.   When we returned to the YC, Bill took our purchases out to Lanikai and returned with the computers and our shower bags.  Today I have the camera with me so I can post photos of the launch last Saturday.



It is sure nice to be back in the water and today there was a nice breeze that kept it pleasant until we closed up to go ashore.


We also are anchored in a very pretty location and late at night, when the traffic is gone from the sand spit (the main road), you can hear the surf breaking on the other side of the spit, while we sit in the calm estuary.