Lanikai is Floating

Yesterday afternoon about 2:45 Lanikai was lifted with the travel lift and moved to the well which was filling with water due to the raising tide.  They moved the boat to the very end of the well (the deep end) before lowering her into the water.  Bill and I climbed onboard and by the time Bill got the engine’s salt water cooling system bled she was floating and slowly moving out into the estero.  We got the engine started and easily moved out to the buoys that we had sat on when we first arrived.  They are not so close to the restaurant and club as most of the buoys here, but are along the mangroves with a nice view and with shorebirds to enjoy.  We have moved back onboard – as the guards were glad to hear when they brought us to shore last evening for dinner.  Lanikai is a ways out and they feel better with us onboard.  Costa Rica has a big problem with petty theft (and sometimes not so petty).

We spent the day on the boat today and have come ashore to enjoy a shower, some cold beers, and a nice dinner.  I left the camera on the boat so the photos of the launch will have to wait for another day.  I used the wash down pump to rinse off much of the dust from the haul out, and did a bucket full on laundry, but most of the day has been spent relaxing on our newly floating home.