Happy Easter

We are now off of Nicaragua enjoying a great sail.  Bill spent more time on the shaft seal yesterday morning before we left the anchorage and thought that he had stopped the leak.  It no longer leaks while the engine is off and we are under sail at the moment, but it still leaks somewhere when we are motoring.  But the leak is way down and we only have to pump the bilge about every 6 hours now.

We got a SW breeze after getting away from the land and enjoyed a nice sail until about midnight when it all shut down.  Within an hour the wind had picked up from the east and we enjoyed a great sail until that too died this afternoon.  Now we are motor sailing in the left over sloppy seas but that will also calm now that the wind is down.  We have run into a favorable current, so for now we are making good time at about 6 knots and sometimes more.


The seas eventually flattened in the calm conditions and we enjoyed a very nice motor boat ride.