Early Morning Departure

Our day spent at the Bahía Chipehua anchorage was quite comfortable after the morning SE winds clocked around to a more SW direction.  We were to bed early, so had several hours of sleep before the winds picked up.  Actually slept for more hours after we checked the winds out and realized that they were off the land.  But when the swells started coming into the bay around the north point and Lanikai rolled from side to side it was time to leave.

This morning we left the bay of Chipehue long before sunrise, as the northerly winds that had started to blow at about 10PM were bringing big swells from the NE into the bay. Even though the winds that were hitting Lanikai were from the N and off the land, the waves out in the gulf rounded the shallow point to our north and entered the bay.  It just got too rolly for sleep (or much else), so we upped the anchor and sailed further west along the Mexican coast.  We had a struggle to get moving out of the bay in the dark but soon had the sail up and enjoyed a nice downwind run for about 1 1/2 hours.  We jibed to our SW course and lo-and-behold we had head-winds from the SW… the “prevailing noserlies” for sailboat travelers.