Another Weekend

Friday Bill and I went into the “big” city of Puntarenas to do a little more shopping, take a relaxing walk along the waterfront and to enjoy a nice lunch.  We went to the central market to pick up fresh vegetables.  That is the best place in town for the fresh goodies.  They were quite fresh and plentiful.  I only wanted to purchased enough to keep us to the beginning of the week, but some of it looked so good – so, of course, I overbought.  We have enjoyed sweet melons, bananas and several fresh salads with the purchases.  We walked along the area of the market and discovered several other nice markets.  Bill purchased a super large package of Top Raman-type noodles.  When we got home it turned out to be a solid brick of the noodles amounting to about 10 of the smaller packages.  I took a hammer and a knife to them and broke them apart into reasonable size bricks, catapulting small pieces of the noodles all over the cabin.

On Tuesday – when we transferred the full gas jug to the aft deck –  it knocked the propane box and we discovered another rotten section.  I have spent the last two mornings replacing the rotten wood core with layers of glass.  I think that this is the last section of the box itself that has not had its core replaced with glass layers.

Today is a nice warm sunny day and the humidity increased this afternoon.  So Bill and I moved ashore to the restaurant where we can sit under a fan with our computers and we can enjoy cold beers while we surf the web.