Yesterday we again dove on the bottom of Lanikai.  Bill cleaned out the water inlets for the house and the engine.  I had noticed when we were cleaning the bottom in Bahia Drake that they were quite full of marine growth.  We are hauling Lanikai in less than two weeks now, so we ignored most of the growth on her bottom.  The water here is not clear enough for snorkeling, so this gave us an excuse to jump overboard and swim.

In the morning I emptied all the fenders out of the forward bilge so that they could dry.  We had a slow leak from the fresh water tank and on our last passage discovered a bilge full of fresh water!  It pumped out nicely and the leak was found and stopped, but the stuff in bilge needed drying.  Since the bilge was empty Bill decided to clean out the house water inlet strainer.  The strainer basket had fallen apart so we cleaned it and repaired it with 3M 5200 – it and all the bilge contents are on deck waiting to be returned to their home when the 5200 is set up, probably tomorrow.

Sunday we went into the Ballena Bay YC,which is really just a restaurant that used to cater to the cruisers that showed up in the bay.  Now we are the only cruiser boat anchored here.  This year we have many times been the only boat anchored in anchorages where in the past we were never alone.  There seems to be many less boats heading south this year.