Saturday and Sunday

The last two days Bill and I got a lot accomplished on Lanikai.  We spent the mornings working on the two big projects that needed to be done during this haul out, besides the bottom painting that we hired out. Today both of them are nearly finished.  It took much effort on Saturday to get the cutlass bearing out, but Bill finally got it out.  The prop shaft came out much easier than expected and by late Saturday the new cutlass bearing was in place and the shaft back in.  This morning Bill got the shaft attached to the transmission and a first pass at adjusting the shaft seal.  The shaft seal will need to await being in the water for final adjustment.   Bill also got a new valve on the head outlet and today we got the new hose run and attached to the valve.  We have spent the afternoons napping, typing on computers or reading.  The internet has been up and down here the last few days, although connection to the hotel wifi has been always good.

Of course, once the boat is out of the water, we always discover other needed repairs.  Tomorrow we plan to tackle a few of those.  Although we are hoping that they will be minor, you never know on a boat until you actually do the work.  The workers finished the bottom painting except where the pads of the stands sit.  They saved paint to paint those areas when we get back into the travel lift to be moved back into the water.  There is not enough water to float Lanikai here until the end of the week.  We are also waiting for parts that have been shipped out to the shop and we at least need to install our prop and raw water pump for the engine before we can hit the water.

This is a nice place to haul out.  The staff is wonderful, the restaurant has good food and the hotel is very convenient.