Prop Is Installed

Yesterday afternoon Bill and I took the bus into town and then walked the many blocks to the ferry terminal in the afternoon heat.  The shop that worked on our parts was right next door and they had everything ready for us.  They even had a replacement valve for our rotten one!  Today we took all the parts out to the work yard and Bill decided that installing the prop was first on our list.  He figured, correctly, that the new key would need some more grinding before it would fit properly.


Bill spent several hours grinding with his Dremel tool before he got the key to fit snugly into the shaft’s key-way.  The shop had already ground the key to fit into the prop.


Before we quit for the day he had the prop snugly installed and the zinc is on as well.

While Bill was grinding, away I installed the repaired chain stopper, got into the bilge and prepared it for installation of the new valve Thursday morning and put away various parts.

We returned to the hotel for badly-needed showers and lunch and also badly-needed beers.