On to Puntarenas

Today we were up early as usual and after enjoying a cup of coffee we went to work.  We dropped the kayak into the water then brought the two aft solar panels onboard.  Bill got them tied to the rails securely.  We then brought the dinghy onboard and pulled up the kayak and turned it over inside the dinghy on the fore deck.  We left the bay a little early to make the tide but 1-1/2 hours later we were anchored off the Coast Guard station in Puntarenas waiting for higher tide and the launch that will guide us across the mud flats to the Costa Rica Yacht Club.  While here we watched the fish boats coming and going, ate lunch and Bill released our fore-stays so Lanikai is ready for the travel lift if they decide to haul us this afternoon.


The guide boat never showed up for us but since we had the track of our entrance three years ago and there was a parade of local boats following it out we decided to up anchor and enter on our own.  We arrived safely at the YC buoys and eventually a launch showed up and helped us get tied between two buoys.  With the extreme tides we are sitting on the bottom at the very low tides.  They were having a mechanical problem with the travel lift so we were not lifted out of the water with the high today.  Maybe tomorrow or maybe early next week.  We did enjoy a nice dinner at the restaurant.  It was a four beer night after the stresses of getting here and getting tied up.  We are not fond of traveling over areas with only a foot or two of water under Lanikai’s keel.