Lanikai on the hard

Yesterday afternoon Lanikai was lifted out of the water and is now sitting on the land.  The workers worked real hard to get her level and so she is.  The haul-out and getting her set up on stands took about 2 hours and only the first bit of time took effort from Bill and me.


Then it was a long period of waiting and being available to answer questions.


Bill and I had gone into the restaurant in the morning to use our computers on the internet and after lunch returned to Lanikai to ready her for the travel lift.  Around 2:30PM the launch came by saying that the travel lift was ready for us and there was enough water at the lift site.  It was a very rapid untie from the buoy and short drive to the lift while I scurried around to get the lines readied.  A diver went into the water to pass the straps under Lanikai and they did much futzing around, lifting her part way out of the water and deciding that all was not right then dropping her in again to readjust several times before they were happy.  Then out she lifted and was driven to a spot to spend the next two weeks.  We need to wait until the next spring tides to have enough water to float her out again.  Full moon now so she will go back into the water with the new moon.


We are staying in the hotel while our boat is high and dry.  After dinner, returning to our room, we had a very nice view of the full moon over the hotel.  It is suppose to be at one of  its nearest points to the earth so is quite large.