Islas Tortugas

Thursday afternoon we moved further into the Gulf of Nicoya and anchored behind the two Islas Tortugas.  It is a rather rolly anchorage especially at night when the winds come from the north down the gulf.  The day-times are nice with the winds from the SW and we receive protection from them hiding behind the islands.  There are two small islets on the north side of the larger islands and they sometimes have good snorkeling around them.  This time the snorkeling is quite nice there and although the water is green the visibility is quite good.  We have enjoyed two days of snorkeling there in spite of running into small groups of small jelly fish.  The jelly fish do sting some but only the most sensitive areas of our arms and legs…mostly they are just obnoxious.  We were planning on moving on today but decided to stick around for another afternoon snorkel.



We did snorkel in the late morning and Bill even took the camera to get some underwater photos.   There were several of these small starfish on the rocks.


And many schools of tiny fish hovering around the rocks.