FotoScrap Album 1.9u98 – big speedups – a Beta test

I’ve put quite a number of important performance improvements in FotoScrap Album.  Notably the loading of JPG files is now over twice as fast – I’ve added some new code that takes advantage of special hardware instructions (which have been available in Intel and AMD processor chips for almost a decade now, so even older Windows XP machines should notice improvements).

This speedup up should be most noticeable for Album pages that have more than a single picture on them.  There is also some significant speedup when “Exporting pages as JPG” files and when Printing.

But the introduction of the special hardware instructions is a pretty big change and so I’ve chosen to call this a Beta Test.  Doreen and I have tested it pretty well and I would really like to hear back from you if you have either success or problems.  If you have any problems you can always fall back to the earlier version 1.9u88.

This new version is 1.9u98 and is available for download here.