FotoScrap Album 1.9u104 – the Beta Test continues

I’ve had reports back that the Beta Test from last week (1.9u98) runs successfully both on Windows XP and on the AMD processor chips.  This is great news.

I’m continuing the Beta Test for another week – just to let more reports trickle in.  There are a couple of important bug fixes in today’s release (neither related to the speedup code that is the basis of the Beta Test).  Perhaps most importantly, I have (after lots of encouragement!) changed the visual presentation of the Borders and Colors dialog; the ‘cascading’ values now cascade downward, which is the intuitive way it should have been laid out originally.  No functional change, just visual.

If you have any problems you can always fall back to the earlier version 1.9u88.

This new version is 1.9u104 and is available for download here.