Busy Day

After yesterday’s waiting around for things that never happened, today was quite productive.  The shop owner showed up and picked up our parts early this morning.  They should be back early next week all repaired.  Then Bill and the crew boss went into town and purchased 5 gallons of bottom paint and lots of other needed supplies.

Paint Arrival

They arrived with the supplies at the work-yard just as Doreen was finishing up the next of the sewing projects.  Today she sewed up a heavy plastic cover for the bow of Lanikai so that the forward hatch can be left open in the rain.  It also will shade the bow, hopefully keeping it cooler down below.

We again spent the late morning and much of the afternoon at the Costa Rica Yacht Club enjoying lunch and cold beers while we typed on our computers.

CRYC and Bar

The restaurant is a very pleasant, open-air place, especially if there is some breeze off the water.  There is a great view from here across the estuary to the work-yard.

View across the Estero

We can watch as the tide goes out and exposes sand flats and then comes back in and covers everything.