Beer and Ceviche

Yesterday we again went into shore.  The plan had been to beach the dinghy near the small village but the surf was too large on the beach, so we again tied up at the cement pier at the Yacht Club.  The water was lower this time so we had to get out of the dinghy on one of the lower platforms that had about an inch of water over it.  Great thing to be wearing crocks!  The restaurant at the head of the pier drew us in with their cold beer.  We enjoyed not only cold beer but wonderful fish ceviche with lots of fish in a nice lemon juice with cilantro and other spices.  After four beers the tide had come up enough so that we could get to our dinghy at the next cement level up so we paid our bill and returned to Lanikai after climbing down into the dinghy and maneuvering it out between the many lines holding the fishing pangas off the cement pier.