Bahia Ballena

We dropped the anchor in Bahia Ballena yesterday morning after a very nice overnight passage from Bahia Drake.  Only enough wind to sail the last few hours of the evening and by then we were trying to slow down to wait for a daylight entrance into the bay.  The light breezes that we did have were mostly on the beam and the seas very light.

This bay is one of our favorite in the Gulf of Nicoya and we have anchored here many times in the past.  There is a nice little village ashore and several resorts that have nice restaurants.  We did not drop the dinghy over and go ashore yesterday but that is in our plans for today.  Yesterday we read, used our computers and generally just relaxed after our overnight passage.

During this last passage we passed from the “wet tropics” to the “dry tropics”, moving from an area where it rains some even in the dry season to an area that is mostly dry in the dry season.  Many of the trees onshore here have lost their leaves, waiting for the next season’s rains to come again to leaf out, so the vegetation is not as green as where we have been.  We also have much more sunshine with few clouds in  the sky.  Also bright starry nights for great star viewing.