Another Busy Day

This morning early Bill and I went over to the work-yard to get going on replacing a thru hull valve and to start work on replacing the cutlass bearing.   Bill got the old rather smelly head outlet hoses disconnected from the bad valve, removed the old valve and screwed in the new one with no hang ups, but then the new ell that we had purchased (to go into the new valve) would not fit under the floor.  Bill removed the old ell from the bad valve and cleaned it up.  Almost ready to re-install the head outlet hose.

While he was doing that I was cutting thru the old cutlass bearing with the prop shaft still installed, so I was using a thinned down hack saw blade.  I almost got thru the soft metal in two places (we think) before Bill took over.  After Bill spent some time at it, he decided that to remove the “always stuck” prop shaft might actually be easier.  So he climbed into the engine room and got started on that process.  Perhaps he got the “hard” half of the work done.  But by then we were both too tired to do much more, so we caught a panga, crossed over the estero to the hotel room, showered, ate lunch and took a nap.