A Dirty Boat

Lanikai is out of the water and, today being Sunday, there were not any workers in the yard.  Bill and I went over to Lanikai in the morning to pick up some more items to have with us in the hotel room and to do some prep work.

Dirty boat

It is quite a climb to get on board, with Lanikai out of her element, and she also looks quite a bit larger.  I got the sewing machine set up so that I can get some repairs done working a few hours in the mornings until it gets too warm below.  Bill removed the leaky salt water cooling pump from the engine; it only served 100 hours since its last repair.  Hopefully it will get better repaired here.  The bottom of Lanikai is quite covered in sea growth.  Lots of areas covered in small barnacles and some quite large ones.  Even the prop that Bill dove on and cleaned less than two weeks ago is covered.  Monday we have a crew of workers that are scheduled to clean the bottom.