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Prop Is Installed

Yesterday afternoon Bill and I took the bus into town and then walked the many blocks to the ferry terminal in the afternoon heat.  The shop that worked on our parts was right next door and they had everything ready for us.  They even had a replacement valve for our rotten one!  Today we took all the parts out to the work yard and Bill decided that installing the prop was first on our list.  He figured, correctly, that the new key would need some more grinding before it would fit properly.


Bill spent several hours grinding with his Dremel tool before he got the key to fit snugly into the shaft’s key-way.  The shop had already ground the key to fit into the prop.


Before we quit for the day he had the prop snugly installed and the zinc is on as well.

While Bill was grinding, away I installed the repaired chain stopper, got into the bilge and prepared it for installation of the new valve Thursday morning and put away various parts.

We returned to the hotel for badly-needed showers and lunch and also badly-needed beers.

Another Suprise

We took Monday off to rest and because Doreen was not feeling well.  Today we got back to work on Lanikai.  First of all Bill got the hoses for the head outlet re-attached from the new valve to the anti-siphon device that Bill earlier removed and cleaned.  This finished an almost-finished project from Sunday.

Then we opened up the forward bilge and emptied it of the fenders stored there.  Bill replaced a bad valve controlling salt water to the water maker. Then he tackled the large thru hull valve that feeds all the non-engine salt water.  It seemed loose the last time that he opened it.  Well, he tightened the loose ell and worked on the valve to get it to turn more freely, but when he went to tighten it – the whole valve fell apart.

Rotten valve

The valve was completely rotten and we were lucky that it chose here and now to fall apart and not when Lanikai was back in the water!

We were going into town this afternoon anyway to pick up our repaired parts from the shop, so when we went into town, we took the bad valve and the fittings that screw into it (to size a new valve correctly).  We lucked out as the shop that had repaired our many other bad parts also had a nice replacement valve.  They needed to cut a new key for the main engine prop but everything else was repaired and ready for us.  We waited for the key to be cut and they even cleaned up the fittings that we had brought.

Best of all they drove us and our parts back to the yacht club!!  It was quite a walk (in the mid-afternoon heat and humidity) from where we left the bus to the shop, which is right next door to the ferry terminal at the far west end of the sand spit that forms Puntarenas.  The parts were quite heavy so the ride was much appreciated.

A few beers, some nice ceviche, and the day is over…

FotoScrap Album 1.9u104 – the Beta Test continues

I’ve had reports back that the Beta Test from last week (1.9u98) runs successfully both on Windows XP and on the AMD processor chips.  This is great news.

I’m continuing the Beta Test for another week – just to let more reports trickle in.  There are a couple of important bug fixes in today’s release (neither related to the speedup code that is the basis of the Beta Test).  Perhaps most importantly, I have (after lots of encouragement!) changed the visual presentation of the Borders and Colors dialog; the ‘cascading’ values now cascade downward, which is the intuitive way it should have been laid out originally.  No functional change, just visual.

If you have any problems you can always fall back to the earlier version 1.9u88.

This new version is 1.9u104 and is available for download here.

Saturday and Sunday

The last two days Bill and I got a lot accomplished on Lanikai.  We spent the mornings working on the two big projects that needed to be done during this haul out, besides the bottom painting that we hired out. Today both of them are nearly finished.  It took much effort on Saturday to get the cutlass bearing out, but Bill finally got it out.  The prop shaft came out much easier than expected and by late Saturday the new cutlass bearing was in place and the shaft back in.  This morning Bill got the shaft attached to the transmission and a first pass at adjusting the shaft seal.  The shaft seal will need to await being in the water for final adjustment.   Bill also got a new valve on the head outlet and today we got the new hose run and attached to the valve.  We have spent the afternoons napping, typing on computers or reading.  The internet has been up and down here the last few days, although connection to the hotel wifi has been always good.

Of course, once the boat is out of the water, we always discover other needed repairs.  Tomorrow we plan to tackle a few of those.  Although we are hoping that they will be minor, you never know on a boat until you actually do the work.  The workers finished the bottom painting except where the pads of the stands sit.  They saved paint to paint those areas when we get back into the travel lift to be moved back into the water.  There is not enough water to float Lanikai here until the end of the week.  We are also waiting for parts that have been shipped out to the shop and we at least need to install our prop and raw water pump for the engine before we can hit the water.

This is a nice place to haul out.  The staff is wonderful, the restaurant has good food and the hotel is very convenient.


Yesterday we played tourist in Puntarenas.  We needed to go to town for the bank and to do a little shopping, so we decided to go around lunch time and enjoy one of the many restaurants along the waterfront.


We walked along the ocean side of the city out to the end of the point and returned to the city for our shopping and to find a bus back to the marina.  Puntarenas is a city built on a long narrow sand spit.  The ocean side has a nice pier and a park along the water.  The estero side has many fish boats and the facilities for unloading supplies for the city.  The big ship port is in the next area south of here, Caldera, where there is a big new container port.