Refueling Lanikai

Yesterday we spent about four hours transferring fuel from the fuel station in town to Lanikai and then transferring it into our larger fuel tank.  Of course we were doing this during the heat of the day and both of us ended up with some sunburned spots, a surprise since we have spent the last three months in the sun.  Bill would take our three 5 gallon jugs in the dinghy off to the fuel station and get then filled.  Actually there is now a fuel dock here and we could have tied Lanikai to it, although we did not realize that there was enough water depth for us until after we finished the process.  Bill would then return to Lanikai and we would heft the filled jugs onboard together.  Bill has devised an electric pump system to transfer the fuel from the jerry jugs to the tank thru our Baja Filter.  The fuel was very clean but the bottom of several of the jerry jugs was not so clean so we filtered all the fuel.  Five trips later and the tank was filled.  We had added about 85 gallons to our tanks at about $4.50 a gallon.  Sure glad that Lanikai uses fuel sparingly.  Next fill-up will probably be after we get to Mexico.

To celebrate we went to the restaurant at the Banana Bay resort, next door to Land Sea, for a shared hamburger and a banana split each for dinner.