Golfito, Costa Rica

We dropped the hook in Golfito, Costa Rica,  shortly before noon yesterday after a 26 hour passage from Panama.  The winds and the current were against us most of the way so we only managed to average 3.8 knots for the trip, but the short chop generated by the westerly winds – although enough to slow Lanikai down – was not enough to make it uncomfortable on board.

Yesterday afternoon, Bill got the paperwork in order and we walked off to Immigration and the Port Captain to check into Costa Rica.  Today we still have to visit the aduana for our boat temporary import.  That office was, thankfully, closed yesterday.  By the time we finished with the other offices and were walking back toward Land n Sea, where our dinghy was docked, we were both dragging.  It will take a few days to get use to the heat and humidity here.

Golfito is a bay within a bay so little wind makes it in here and there is almost no rock to the boat.  Land n Sea is the cruiser hang out here.  It is a facility set up by ex-cruisers for cruisers and is a super place to stop.  The internet is great, with its antenna directing the signal out to the boats, they do laundry and have showers and other things that cruisers need/enjoy including a nice balcony to sit on and enjoy a beer or pop.