Boca Chica

Yesterday about noon we left Parida and headed the short distance to Boca Chica.  It has a tricky entrance lined with reefs and needs to be transited at near high tide.  We got the hook down in the Boca Chica anchorage and our friend Suzy showed up in her kayak to welcome us.  We decided to get together with her and Jim at “Frank’s” Restaurant.  It has new managers now and a new name, but we all know it as Frank’s.  It was the only building on the shoreline of the anchorage when first we came to this area 9 years ago.  Now each time we show up more buildings are appearing.  Boca Chica is actually a small village up the estero from here,  a short dinghy ride, where there is a small store and several more restaurants.  Here in the anchorage area there are at least two sources for internet access, but it remains to be seen if we will get reliable service on the boat.


We enjoyed dinner with Suzy and Jim and spent well into the evening catching up on information.  The happenings of various other cruiser friends topped our list but we also discussed local happenings.