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Afternoon of Dominos

Sunday, our last day in Golfito, we spent the afternoon ashore playing Mexican Trains with the folks from s/v Damiana.   Banana Bay Resort is next door to Land Sea, has a nice restaurant/bar, and they allowed us to occupy one of their tables for the afternoon.


We enjoyed the nice breeze of the open air restaurant along with cool drinks and a nice plate of nachos.

FotoScrap Album 1.9u88 – should actually install !!

This is embarrassing …

The previous two versions of FotoScrap Album (1.9u79 and 1.9u86) would not actually install on PCs where the program had never been installed before.  How useless!!  This is now fixed.

There are no other changes in this version (1.9u88)  from the 1.9u86 version of a few days ago.

The download page is here.

Thanks to Sylvie on s/v Puddytat for pointing this out to me.

Please enjoy…

Antenna at Mizzen’s Top


Wyfi antenna

This morning we were up before it was even light so that we could enjoy one cup of coffee before tackling the “up the mast” chore.  Last evening we got everything set up for Bill to climb the mast at first light today to get his Wi-Fi antenna up on the mizzen mast.  We have been using his fancy antenna to access the internet thru shore-side  signals from marinas and hotels but the antenna was attached down on the boom crutch and masked from some signals by the boom.

The plan all along was to have the antenna up on the top of the mizzen, but it was much easier to install it lower down until Bill got it all working and we found a calm anchorage for mast climbing.  With everything ready last evening, Bill spent almost 2 hours this morning up on the mast drilling and tapping holes for the antenna bracket and then hoisting the antenna up and fitting it to the bracket.  He was still not quite finished as I lowered him slowly so that he could wire tie the coax to the mizzen upper stays as he descended.  A little 3M 5200 sealant where the cox enters the deck and we are now back in business on the internet.


Here in Golfito there are three mini-mart type stores; although many of the same items are found in all of the stores, other items are found in only one.  So shopping requires stops at all three.  We do not visit all of them on the same day because once we are loaded down we return to Lanikai to deposit our purchases and one trip per day is plenty in this heat!

There is also a “vegi truck” that stops in front of Land Sea three times a week.  It is a small pick up truck loaded with local vegetables.  We purchase our fresh vegetables, tomatoes, avocado, onion, carrots and really sweet peppers directly from the truck.  He also occasionally has apples, melons, cabbage and other goodies.  They are all fresh from the farms and very tasty as well, and we do not have to carry them from in town.  Food is much more expensive here than in Panama but not quite as much as state-side, although I was really shocked at the price of chicken…very high.  Chicken is usually cheap in Latin America so I will wait until the next country to pick up more chicken.  Beef is not a bad price here.

We have finished replenishing our stores and the boat is again ready for travel, but we will stick around here for a few more days so that Bill can get his WiFi antenna up on the mizzen mast where it belongs.

FotoScrap Album 1.9u86 now available

The newest version … Mostly bug fixes (one is “critical”), with a few small improvements as well.  Continued improvement to the Help file.

A big “thank you” to our friend Suzy on s/v Sparta for the suggestions that went into this release!

Please Enjoy !!