Passage to Western Panama

Sunday morning with first light we upped the anchor and left the Perlas Islands behind.  The passage across the Bay of Panama was fast even though the seas were quite lumpy.  We had the current in our favor much of the time and enjoyed a light wind from the NW to keep the main full.  After passing Punta Mala the winds switched to the west, right on our noise!  These winds were due to many small squalls associated with the ITCZ and at times were quite strong.  The big problem with them was the short steep chop that they caused.  This chop slowed Lanikai down to less than 2 knots at times and we had few times over the next 24 hours where our boat speed over the ground was over 3 knots even with good wind in the sails and the motor running as well.  This passage was in an area of many and conflicting currents and they seemed to be in our favor the first 18 hours of the voyage as our speed stayed over 6 knots, great for Lanikai and then against us for the next 24 hours.  Things calmed down and we picked up speed after getting well north into the waters of western Panama.  We arrived at one of our favorite little bays on the north east coast in the morning dropping the hook after 8 in the morning.