Outboard Motor Repair

The last three days Bill has spent much time fixing our outboard motor for the dinghy.  At Isla Contadora the prop started to slip and we no longer could get here up on plane.  Slowly we have had to run the motor even slower to keep the prop from slipping, so Wednesday we pulled the dinghy up onboard to the Lanikai and Bill set to work.

Outboard Repair

Well, he was going to just remove the prop and put some screws in it to keep the prop for slipping.  He also decided to change the lower unit oil and grease up other fittings.  In the process he discovered that the motor could not be put into reverse.  Dismantling the handle he found some broken parts and kinks in the shifter cables.  Two days later and after several tries, he finally got the handle back on with the cables running correctly.  Today he replaced the lower unit oil and fixed the prop with two screws.  We have inserts for our prop hub but it will take a press to remove  the old one and replace it with a new one, so until Punta Arenas and our haul out we are back in business.  We took the dinghy out for a spin late today and it planes nicely again.