Isla Casaya

Yesterday we moved on the one of our favorite anchorages off  Isla Casaya across the passage from the well known Bayoneta anchorage.  We took the short-cut thru and between many rocks, reefs and small islets.  It was low tide as we made the passage, so many of the reefs were visible, but the strong incoming current made for tricky steering by Bill.

Narrow channel

The anchorage here is calm with the light northerly winds that we are getting.  I spent almost an hour paddling around the bay in the late afternoon but we decided to wait on bottom cleaning until the next morning.


We did get into the water and spent about an hour cleaning Lanikai underwater.  Bill worked on the prop and the area around it where all the bottom paint is gone.  Doreen took a wide plastic scraper to the rest of the hull where many small barnacles were starting to grow.  They came off quite easily and Lanikai has a mostly clean bottom now.  Missed spots will be caught in the next day of two.