Happy New Year

We are already into the new year and still anchored off Isla Contadora but we plan on moving tomorrow.  We went into shore again, on January 1 and spent a relaxing day with Ginny and Werner, visiting and eating too much again.  Yesterday we planned on cleaning the bottom of Lanikai at the high slack tide but there never was a slack then and the current continued to rip in the same direction with both incoming and outgoing tides.  We will try again this morning with the low slack.  Yesterday I noticed little current just after low water.  The clouds came back in yesterday and we had some short rain showers.  It is still quite cloudy this morning.


We failed again at cleaning the bottom of Lanikai as the current was still too strong when we jumped into the water.  While I was under the boat my snorkel came apart and a piece of it drifted to the bottom.  The water was  so clear that it was very visible sitting on the bottom.  Bill gave one shot at diving down to pick it up 22 feet below the surface and managed to snag it.  Later in the day he repaired my snorkel and we then went snorkeling on the nearby reef to take advantage of the clear water

We are off tomorrow  to another anchorage in the islands where we hope to find less current so that we can clean the bottom of Lanikai, but that means that we are leaving the area of “iffy” internet access to one with no internet access at all, so updates to the blog will stop for the next month or so.