Cleaning Lanikai

We had moved to a bay off Isla Parida where there is little current so that we could clean the bottom of Lanikai before we moved into Boca Chica.  It has been over 3 weeks since we last dove on her, and with the poor shape of her bottom paint it was time to give the underwater parts a cleaning to catch up before the hard stuff got so stuck that it would be hard to clean off.  We waited until the heat of the day to jump overboard to clean and were about 2/3 finished when Bill came up under a swimming iguana.  He scared him off but not far.  The iguana had for some reason taking a liking to Lanikai and kept returning so we got out of the water and will finish the cleaning in the morning, as neither of us wanted to come up with the lizard on our backs.


P1300003 (2)

After we got out of the water we got some nice photos and even a video of the persistent Iguana.


This poor iguana was so determined to get onto Lanikai that he finally succeeded by climbing up the snubber line.  I caught him as he was sunning himself at the top end of that line where it passes over the toe rail, and knocked him back into the sea.  He now seems to have given up and swam off toward shore.