Bahia Honda

We dropped the anchor in the north end of this lovely bay at 8:30AM yesterday morning after our 50 hour trip from the Perlas Islands.  This is a pretty calm, well protected bay with lots of jumping fish boils and soon after we anchored we could hear the howler monkeys in the forest.  A small group of tiny dolphins joined us as we entered the bay but they were out after their morning breakfast and we soon lost them.  A sunny warm day greeted us, so after getting Lanikai settled we both jumped overboard for a nice cooling refreshing swim.  The rest of the day was spent reading and relaxing with occasional naps.  It was early to bed and both of us were asleep by 7PM and we did not awake until well after 6AM this morning.

This bay is a kayakers paradise, so after morning chores I took off in my kayak for a nice paddle in the calm waters.  I explored some of the nooks on the west side of the bay before returning to Lanikai, tired but happy.  I enjoyed watching the smart pelicans sitting in the center of a fish boil and sticking their heads underwater coming up with a fish in their pouch, which they eventually tilted their heads up and swallowed whole.   The wife of the local farmer stopped by with some citrus fruit and a small stock of bananas which we purchased.  The grapefruit were pink and sweet but with a thick peel and rather tough, but enjoyable none the less.  We also ended up with a few mandarins which we will try out later.  The bananas will take a week or so to ripen.