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Cleaning Lanikai

We had moved to a bay off Isla Parida where there is little current so that we could clean the bottom of Lanikai before we moved into Boca Chica.  It has been over 3 weeks since we last dove on her, and with the poor shape of her bottom paint it was time to give the underwater parts a cleaning to catch up before the hard stuff got so stuck that it would be hard to clean off.  We waited until the heat of the day to jump overboard to clean and were about 2/3 finished when Bill came up under a swimming iguana.  He scared him off but not far.  The iguana had for some reason taking a liking to Lanikai and kept returning so we got out of the water and will finish the cleaning in the morning, as neither of us wanted to come up with the lizard on our backs.


P1300003 (2)

After we got out of the water we got some nice photos and even a video of the persistent Iguana.


This poor iguana was so determined to get onto Lanikai that he finally succeeded by climbing up the snubber line.  I caught him as he was sunning himself at the top end of that line where it passes over the toe rail, and knocked him back into the sea.  He now seems to have given up and swam off toward shore.

Dolphins at the Bow

Today as we moved from the Islas Secas to Isla Parida we had very little wind and glassy seas for much of the trip.  Several dolphins out searching for breakfast stopped by to have a play at the bow of Lanikai.


The dolphins were with us for some time as they fished for awhile moving away from Lanikai and returning to play at the bow. 

Three days of Snorkeling

Bill and I have spent many hours in the water over the last three days enjoying the undersea life. 


Bill enjoyed taking many photos of the fish while diving underwater and chasing some of the fish to get good photos. 

Islas Secas

The Secas Islands are a privately owned group of islands in Western Panama.  They contain an exclusive eco type resort consisting of about 6 cabin style yurts for guests and a larger one with the dining room and kitchen.

Isla Secas

The islands are quite pristine with lots of green shrubs and trees and many small sand beaches between reefs that stick out from the many points.  The water us usually clear here and the snorkeling is fabulous.  There are lots of schools of fishes to view and coral outcroppings on the sandy bottom.

On to the Secas

Yesterday we moved further west to the Islas Secas.  We were up early and underway as soon as there was enough light to see.  It was a motor boat ride until the last two hours when the wind filled from the south.  We had the anchor down before 3PM on the northeast side of the largest island in this group in a spot where we have anchored several times in the past.  The day was sunny and calm and quite warm as we traveled over the flat seas with a long period roll coming from the south.  We were anticipating northerly winds this time of year and were surprised by the southerly that came as we closed the island group.  We dropped the hook in clear deep water and are looking forward to a nice snorkel later today.