Nice Weather

Today is the third nice day in a row so we upped the anchor and headed off to the anchorage behind Isla Espiritu Santo, about 5 hours away.  We have spent the last week anchored in a well protected anchorage off the Rio Cacique at the south end of Isla del Rey in the Perlas Islands of Panama.  We left Panama on a fairly nice Tuesday morning and anchored in a favorite spot on the west side of the island group.  We left the city in one of the few nice days in the preceding two weeks.  We had nice light NE wind for our journey but not enough to sail so it was a motor sail all the way.   We anchored off a favorite spot on the west side of the Perlas group but by nightfall the wind had shifted and increased making the anchorage not very comfortable.  Wednesday morning we moved on the the Rio Cacique anchorage where we holed up for the next week of bad weather, lots of rain and strong NW winds.

Bill and I spent the time reading lots of books and just enjoying the calm of the anchorage with the wind whistling in the rigging and the rain washing the boat clean.  Then the weather improved on last Thursday and I got the kayak out and went for a paddle around the bay.  Bill climbed the mast and got the anchor light working again with a new working bulb.  The next day was just as nice and we swam, I kayaked and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Then it was pretty out again today so we moved on.  Closing about half the distance to Isla Contadora where we plan to spend Christmas.


We got several nice rainbows as the rains lessened and the sun appeared.