Last Week in Balboa

This last week has been real rainy and cloudy almost all the time.  We did have a little sun on Wednesday morning and then again this afternoon for a few hours.  The generator motor, thankfully, is working although a little ornery to start as with all the rain and clouds the solar panels have not kept the batteries  topped up.

Yesterday we ran around in the morning to get all the paperwork done to check out of Panama and have permission still to spend time in the Perlas Islands.  We first had to purchase a cruising permit for the next year.  Then it was off to the Port Captains office for our Zarpe and finally to the office of migration to get our passports stamped with a exit stamp.  By then it was starting to rain and almost lunch time so we found a open restaurant and enjoyed a nice lunch, out of the rain. 

While Bill was making copies and printing the papers needed for our exit the old printer gave up.  Thankfully he had already printed the essential crew list!!!  After we completed the check out and enjoyed lunch we found a taxi to take us across town to a large electronics store where we arrive in a downpour of rain.  We found a new printer that we liked, purchased it and the salesman helped us to find a taxi to return us home.  It was still pouring and on the way home we drove thru many deep puddles on the road as it was raining so hard that the road could not drain fast enough.   We did arrive safely back at the Balboa Yacht club with it still pouring so much that we got drenched in the 5 feet from the taxi into the Bohio. 

09 Panama End of 2010-Page020



We enjoyed beers at the bar until the rain cut back and we could safely transport the new printer to the boat.

Bill spent the rest of the evening getting the new printer set up, the old printer removed and the new printer installed. 

Today Bill, with much effort, got the printer working on my computer after which we walked out to Nikos Café for a nice small lunch and desert .  The rain had lessoned for a bit so we enjoyed the walk in almost dry weather.

09 Panama End of 2010-Page022

On the return walk we looked up the hill toward the Old Canal Administration Building and a Christmas tree decorated its base so I grabbed a photo.  By the time we got home it was sunny but it only lasted long enough to dry out the cockpit cushions that had gotten wet yesterday.  We are now only waiting for a break in the weather to head out to the Perlas Islands.