Yesterday was a very nice sunny day with very light wind.  I took off early in the morning and paddled my kayak all the way around Isla Contadora.  It took about 2 hours and I checked out the snorkel spots as I passed over them.  The water seems to be clearing, it was still green but the bottom and fish could be seen quite clearly.

In the afternoon we went ashore and spent another enjoyable afternoon with Werner and Ginny.

This is the holiday week here in Contadora and the Panama residents that have vacation homes on the island are showing up with their fancy boats.  Most are not real large with only small cabins but they are full of fishing gear.  Most are anchored overnight with boat boys onboard to watch things.  In the morning the owners and guests are picked up to spend the day fishing.  There are also many boats that come out from the city for the holidays with the owners living onboard.  There were about 50 boats in the mooring field last evening and I expect that more will show up today.

Today we awoke to a dewy wet deck with fog and low clouds.  When all burns off we plan on snorkeling again in the later morning.