December 30

With only two more days left of the old year many boats are arriving and anchoring off the beach.  Bill and I went snorkeling again but the water was cooler and therefore more cloudy.  Also the day was not real sunny, only hazy bright, but it was a warm day – so being in the water felt GREAT.


In the evening a southerly swell picked up and since we were sitting in no wind we spent the night rolling in the tiny waves.  About 10PM there were several displays of fireworks at the end of the airport runway not far from us.  New Year’s here is a celebration like the 4th of July is in the US as it is usually the end of the rainy season and the beginning of what they call summer.  This year we are still getting some rains.  We even had a short downpour last evening, but the children are out of school for the next three months.