Christmas Eve

Last Wednesday we traveled the 17 miles north to Isla Contadora where we were planning on meeting up with other cruisers for Christmas on the island.  Ginny and Werner (from Ornen) have moved ashore and have a home on the island and they invited some of their cruiser friends to come out and celebrate with them.  Because of the bad weather the last few weeks only Lanikai showed up.  Of course the weather has now improved and we are enjoying mostly sunny days with NW winds.


We went ashore yesterday in the early afternoon with the makings for pizza.  Ginny was cooking for the celebration that is planned for Christmas Day and Doreen helped some with the dicing of vegetables.  Bill spent the afternoon on his computer taking advantage of their internet connection.  We enjoyed many beers that Werner kept opening for us when he saw that our prior one was empty.  About sunset, when Bill completed what he wanted to accomplish with the internet, we put the pizzas together and sat down with more beers to enjoy the Christmas Eve dinner.  Werner and others told of Christmas traditions past.  Werner even mentioned that when he was a child in the “old country” the tree was lit with little candles and the children all watched with baited breath while they were lit before they could dance around the tree and be seated to open the presents.  We had a very enjoyable evening and returned to Lanikai launching the dinghy thru the small surf in the dark without any problems.