Christmas Day

We both woke up early this morning and soon had the Christmas music going on the boat.  We relaxed, read and I got the dinner rolls rising.  About 10 AM we headed into shore with some nice clothing in a bag along with the rising roll dough.  Bill sat at the kitchen counter in Ornen’s kitchen using one of Ginny’s computers to check e-mail and purchase more books for the Kindles.  I helped Ginny with some of the food preparation and finishing the set-up for her mid- afternoon party.


People started to arrive about 2 and at 3 we all loaded up our plates with too much food and sat down for a very nice Christmas dinner.


  There were 19 people at the table, mostly from the island but they were all interesting and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon eating and visiting.  Soon after dark most of the guests left but Bill and I helped with the clean up and stuck around until 8PM visiting.  Two of the guests returned to join in the conversations.  All and all  – a very nice Christmas.