A Relaxing Day

The weather remained unsettled all day as we had some sun, some rain and lots of wind at times.  Bill and I read and relaxed on the boat not wanting to get caught ashore and having to return to the boat in a wet blow.  There were several hours of rolly conditions when the wind veered more easterly and the waves wrapped around the end of the island but mostly it was fairly calm in the anchorage with Lanikai dancing as she does in the gusty winds.  We had brought the dinghy onboard yesterday before the storm arrived and so Bill took advantage of it by replacing the fuel hose end that had cracked and did not stay attached to the motor well.  He also removed the prop and tried to get the center hub out so that we could replace it, but with no luck.  It has started to let go when we try to run the dinghy at planeing speeds.