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Snorkeling Costa Maya, Mexico

The day after our snorkel in Cozumel, the ship had moved over night, we again went snorkeling.  This time we opted for an off the beach snorkel.   They transported us about 45 minutes up the coast in an open air bus to a lovely beach.  We were fitted out with a mask, snorkel and fins as well as a silly inflatable yellow bib that seems to be a required gear in Mexico.   Bill asked if we could avoid the “first snorkelers” demonstration and just take off into the sea.  We were given our own guide and took off into the shallow clear off the water.  This area was a plain covered with sea grass dotted with small reefs. 


We ended the snorkel time and relaxed on the beach with beers until it was time to return to the ship.

Snorkeling photos

The first week of November Bill and I took another Royal Caribbean cruise this one from Florida back to Panama.  We made two stops in Mexico and Bill and I went on two snorkel tours from the ship.

The first tour was in Cozumel and we took the snorkel tour where we checked out three reefs from a small boat.  Jumping off the boat at each site to explore the under sea world.


At one of the dive sites a professional photographer was catching photos of us and when we returned to the dock he was there with copies for us to purchase

The water in the Caribbean was extremely clear and very deep where we snorkeled.