Food from Around the World at Caravana

Yesterday we went to the Atlapa Convention center to visit the many booths set up by countries represented by Embassies here in Panama.  We enjoyed the entire afternoon drinking Wine from Chile, Beer from Germany, and eating Tacos from Mexico, Pupusas from El Salvador, Pastry from Denmark, Baklava from Greece, Lasagna from Italy and Chili Dogs from the USA.  We ate our way past the many booths, checking out the crafts as well and enjoying the bright costumes that some of the volunteers wore.

Food1 Food2 food3 food4

The wine from Chile was very good but the German beer was super; we bought it in 1/2 liter mugs, and of course had to go back for seconds.  We got back to the Yacht Club after 7PM and enjoyed another beer with Victor and Debi before returning to Lanikai in the still-rolly anchorage.