A Wild Night on a BYC Buoy

Yesterday was a very nice day with some sun and a nice northerly breeze that kept the marina fairly calm.  In the afternoon we came ashore to the bar to use our computers with the internet and soon after we arrived the rain started.  It was a light rain at first, but soon became a downpour that lasted several hours.

By about 8:30PM, the rain had died back enough that we packed up to return to Lanikai.  As we approached the large floating dock where the launch was waiting for us, we realized that the seas were quite wild.  The launch took a beating on its starboard side when it came up under the step on the dock in one of the larger waves.  We safely got ferried out to Lanikai and jumped aboard, timing our boarding with the bobbing of the two boats.   Lanikai danced most of the night while we slept and it rained most of the night, sometimes quite hard.

This morning the rain died back but the Lanikai was still rolling badly as we again boarded the launch to go ashore.  Today is Wednesday – and as usual we went with a group of friends to Dim Sum at a Chinese restaurant in the city.

After a short trip to the grocery store we returned to the Yacht Club and a still-wild sea.  Bill went out to the boat alone to pick up our computers so that we could spend the afternoon on the solid ground at the BYC Bar.