Trip to Panama’s Commercial Produce Market

Thursday was a nice sunny day so Bill and I took off early to walk to the produce market, Mercado De Abastos. It was a long walk but we broke it up both directions by stopping at Niko’s Cafe for coffee on the way and a cold pop on the return leg.  The market is miniature city in itself; roads, warehouses, offices, outdoor vendors, and such.  It is huge, perhaps 6 square blocks.  As we were approaching the market, we were stopped by a nice local and told that this was a very bad part of town (we knew that), but that if we didn’t go past the market we would probably be ‘ok’ (we knew that too!).  The market property itself was quite safe.

The market was very active selling produce by the large sack or box full.

Commercial Produce

Bill and I picked out a few vegetables and a nice large pineapple (for only $1) at one of the stands on the way out of the market area.


Bill carried our purchases in his backpack the 3 miles back to the BYC.  By then it was getting quite warm, so we took showers and retired to Lanikai for the rest of the day.