Saturday and Sunday

Well this past weekend was a rainy one.  By late Saturday morning it was dry, but still overcast, so Bill and I decided to walk down the causeway to its end for lunch at one of the many restaurants there.  About 11:30AM we called for a launch.  It did not come and Bill called again and, although we were told that they would be coming for us, it still did not come.  We noticed that the launch had been towed back to the dock and the driver was just standing on the dock looking at it.  Bill asked on the radio if maybe the launch was not working.  Given the affirmative Bill told them not to worry about picking us up and we would come up with new plans.  We enjoyed a nice afternoon onboard with cloudy bright weather and nice cooling breeze.  In the afternoon, Frank called to see if we would be interested in driving with them to visit the shop of their carpenter who is building cabinets for their condo remodel.

Sunday: again we woke to lots of rain it having been raining since about 1AM although not really heavy.  The trip was still “on” so we drove west on the Inter-American highway to La Chorrera where we turned off  the road on an ever worsening side road to the wood shop.  It is large shop and many projects, including furniture, are in the process of being made.  Stacks of railroad-tie size “logs” of teak, mahogany, cedar and other wonderful wood types are stacked outside waiting for processing and drying.  Bill and I toured the shop while Frank and Shirley negotiated kitchen cabinet details.


We then continued west and returned to the same resort/restaurant that Shirley, Bill and I had visited last Sunday (Punta Chame Resort).  There we enjoyed a lunch overlooking the rainy seas before returning to Panama City.