A Walk down the Causeway and another Restaurant

Sunday Bill and I waited for the morning rain to finish; but then the sun came out – so it was too warm to walk at noon.  We finally came ashore about 4PM and walked along the causeway, about a hour, to a very nice restaurant (one of our favorites) just off Naos Island built upon original canal dredgings (Restaurante Mi Ranchito).  We had clouds with no rain for most of the walk, but just before we arrived at the restaurant, the rain caught up with us.  We arrived a little wet, but we got there before the downpour really started!  We ate lunch at a nice round table outside under a large palm umbrella where it was dry and nice.


Bill enjoyed a pepper-steak and beer while I chose fish and wine.  All was good.  After dinner, we walked further along the causeway to our favorite ice cream store and there enjoyed a nice dessert!  We walked back to the Balboa Yacht Club after dark; a very pleasant walk (round trip, about 6 miles).

Monday was the usual book exchange at the Balboa Yacht Club Bar.  There were less attendees than usual.  A group of friends decided to go out for dinner at a favorite German restaurant (Rincón Aleman) in the city.  We joined them and had an enjoyable evening and yet another great meal.