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Lebanese Restaurant with Friends

Saturday night we went out for a late dinner at a Lebanese Restaurant.


Bill and I enjoyed an assortment of small dishes of typical Lebanese food with two large flat breads to scoop up the yummy treats.  We went late to dinner as there was to be belly dancing that did not start until after 9 PM.


Several of us were ready for bed by the time the girls came out to dance, but we did enjoy it for a few songs before we asked for the check.  We headed home, very stuffed after eating too much great food.

New Locks – Under Construction

This morning Bill, Debi and I walked to Niko’s Cafe where we picked up coffee to go and a pastry before boarding a bus for a tour of the New Locks that are being built on the Panama Canal. We met Frank in the restaurant while waiting for our coffee so he joined the three of us.








Bill and Debi looking over the canal as Frank captures yet another photo.


It was a very interesting trip and the rain even held off until we got back to Niko’s Cafe and enjoyed another coffee.  The rain then was so light that while walking home we only got the cooling and not a bit wet.

A Walk down the Causeway and another Restaurant

Sunday Bill and I waited for the morning rain to finish; but then the sun came out – so it was too warm to walk at noon.  We finally came ashore about 4PM and walked along the causeway, about a hour, to a very nice restaurant (one of our favorites) just off Naos Island built upon original canal dredgings (Restaurante Mi Ranchito).  We had clouds with no rain for most of the walk, but just before we arrived at the restaurant, the rain caught up with us.  We arrived a little wet, but we got there before the downpour really started!  We ate lunch at a nice round table outside under a large palm umbrella where it was dry and nice.


Bill enjoyed a pepper-steak and beer while I chose fish and wine.  All was good.  After dinner, we walked further along the causeway to our favorite ice cream store and there enjoyed a nice dessert!  We walked back to the Balboa Yacht Club after dark; a very pleasant walk (round trip, about 6 miles).

Monday was the usual book exchange at the Balboa Yacht Club Bar.  There were less attendees than usual.  A group of friends decided to go out for dinner at a favorite German restaurant (Rincón Aleman) in the city.  We joined them and had an enjoyable evening and yet another great meal.

What Happened to the Last Week

This has been another week of restaurant food and computer time.  Frank and Shirley’s kitchen was completely gutted late last week in preparation for a complete redo.  Lacking a kitchen, they are going out to dinner many evenings and several times they invited us to go along.  Last Friday and Sunday it was to Romanaccio’s for Italian food. Sunday was their special Osso Buco, and, as usual, the servings were huge, and the leftovers were enough for three plates for the panga (water taxi) drivers at the yacht club !!  On Monday we enjoyed the usual book exchange at the BYC Bar;  afterwards Frank and Shirley invited us to join them for dinner at the far end of the causeway at Leñas y Carbon for wonderful steaks.  The servings of meat were huge, so Bill and I shared a pepper steak.  It was delicious and everyone else enjoyed their choices as well.


Tuesday evening we did the cooking on Lanikai and Frank and Shirley joined us for an early pasta dinner.  With all the work going on at their condo they needed to get to bed early so they could be up early when the workers arrived.

Wednesday was Dim Sum breakfast at our favorite Chinese restaurant and this week we decided to make the walk all the way back to Cinco de Mayo Plaza (about 5 miles, through a major shopping part of Panama City).  Rick (from s/v Inshallah) joined us and we stopped into several shops along the way ending up at the Machetazo, a Fred Meyer-type store, our favorite for groceries.  At Cinco de Mayo we picked up the bus back to Balboa YC.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we awoke to more rain, but by later in the morning it was clear enough for a walk.  Bill and I walked our hour, sometimes with light sprinkles hitting us, but it is seldom too hot with the sun hidden in the clouds.  Computers and reading occupied much of the rest of those days.

Trip to Panama’s Commercial Produce Market

Thursday was a nice sunny day so Bill and I took off early to walk to the produce market, Mercado De Abastos. It was a long walk but we broke it up both directions by stopping at Niko’s Cafe for coffee on the way and a cold pop on the return leg.  The market is miniature city in itself; roads, warehouses, offices, outdoor vendors, and such.  It is huge, perhaps 6 square blocks.  As we were approaching the market, we were stopped by a nice local and told that this was a very bad part of town (we knew that), but that if we didn’t go past the market we would probably be ‘ok’ (we knew that too!).  The market property itself was quite safe.

The market was very active selling produce by the large sack or box full.

Commercial Produce

Bill and I picked out a few vegetables and a nice large pineapple (for only $1) at one of the stands on the way out of the market area.


Bill carried our purchases in his backpack the 3 miles back to the BYC.  By then it was getting quite warm, so we took showers and retired to Lanikai for the rest of the day.