Return to Panama

Tuesday, July 6, Ginger picked us up at the Brill’s house about 1:30 in the afternoon.  We then picked up Mauricio from school and continued on to Portland.  A little shopping along the way and a fun dinner then we arrived at the Portland airport.  Mauricio and Ginger came in but plane watching is not too great on the visitor side of the security check points.  We said good bye to them, got ourselves through security and were on our way.  The first leg took us to San Francisco where we spent the night in the airport there.  A pub was still open near our gate when we arrived so Bill and I enjoyed a beer and some super-spicy chicken wings before settling in for the night near the gate.  We both slept on the floor for several hours but it was soon early morning and other passengers began to arrive for our 6AM flight to Atlanta.  The Atlanta leg was the longest and I slept most of it while Bill read the good book that he was well into.  Our stop in Atlanta was not very long, but long enough to walk around the terminal and enjoy a nice late lunch/dinner before we boarded our flight for the last leg to Panama.  We arrived in Panama about 8:30 in the evening and had a swift problem-free passage thru immigration and customs.  We received 180 days in Panama in our passport due to a new law!!  A $33 taxi ride returned us the rest of the way to the Balboa Yacht Club where it was too late for food but plenty early enough for beers.  We each enjoyed two before lugging our luggage the rest of the way down the dock to the launch and Lanikai.

Lanikai was in good shape with only a slight musty smell from being closed up in the rainy season.